A recent study found that 59% of ex-employees admitted to stealing confidential company information. That means contact lists, employee records, customer details, and other sensitive information walking out the door.

From small businesses to large corporations, no industry is safe from data loss, but InterGuard can protect you. We all know about the headline security stories, like the recent AT&T breach of Apple’s iPad 3G network that exposed at least 100,000 email addresses. But besides the front-page security breaches, there are smaller violations happening almost every day around the world. Just take a look to the right of the screen to see some recent events.

Data breaches happen, whether malicious or accidental, and they are devastating to companies, both financially and to their customer relationships. The InterGuard Suite—Web filtering, Employee monitoring, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), and Laptop theft recovery, gives organizations confidence that they can protect themselves from violations through data leak prevention, employee monitoring, retrieval/deletion of files on stolen devices, and many other services. Check out some of the scenarios below to see how InterGuard could have helped…

Laptop Theft Recovery: Loss of Laptop with 80,000 Social Security Numbers
A government laptop with approximately 80,000 records containing personal information including names, addresses, birth dates, and Social Security numbers is stolen.

Laptop theft recovery could have not only geolocated the device and monitored the thief’s activities in order to recover the laptop, but also remotely retrieved and/or deleted files to protect the clients. All the features of Laptop theft recovery function invisibly, so the thief does not know they are being monitored or that files are being moved. 

(DLP) Removable Media, the pocket sized threat
A hospital employee’s USB memory stick containing sensitive patient information is lost.

InterGuard DLP has the ability to monitor or limit what can be moved to a USB drive or, if desired, it can render the drive completely useless. 

(DLP) Accidental Email: Accidental Email Threatens to Expose Student Information
A University employee accidentally emails names, addresses, and Social Security numbers of 1,000 students to the wrong recipients.

InterGuard DLP allows administrators to put policies in place that can monitor what information is emailed. In this case, if there was a policy in place to stop emails that contained Social Security numbers, pushing “send” would have triggered a violation notice. With this, not only would the employee who made the mistake be alerted to her error, but the administrator would be alerted that the employee was attempting to email sensitive information. If the information is supposed to be sent, there is the ability for the administrator to override the violation.

(DLP, Employee Monitoring): Employee Steals info- Customer Information Revealed to Competitors
A bank’s call center employee steals customer names and addresses.

With InterGuard Employee monitoring and DLP software, not only would the managers have been able to monitor the employee’s activity on the computer, but they could have restricted the kind of data that could be copied, sent, and removed from their computers.

July 17th, 2011
Haartman Hospital
Employee accessed 188 patients' records without authorization.

July 15th, 2011
UPromise Investments College Choice 529 Direct
Employee accessed 300 depositors' names, social security numbers, birthdays and other contact information.

July 11th, 2011
AssureCare Lansing Community College
Health and dental plan members' names, addresses and social security numbers on compromised serve.

July 6th, 2011
Hurley Medical Center
250 students' names, student identification numbers, and some social security numbers compromised by hacker.