95% of Employee Steal from their Employers

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95% of Employees Steal from their Employers

A survey conducted by Forensic Accounting Firm Kessler found that employees are more likely to steal from their employer than their customers. The survey of over 500 anonymous employees found that the theft not only includes office supplies, equipment and company products but more importantly stolen time and the theft and even sale of corporate secrets. According to the report, “The startling uptick in theft was attributed to several factors including employee increased misuse of company computers and smartphones.”

How much time are your employee’s stealing?

Almost 1 in 3 employees admitted to ‘falsifying time records’. But nearly 80% of those surveyed admitted to using company computers and phones for some sort of personal activity while at work. While employers think this type of activity is done in small chunks of time, these minutes add up and may result in hundreds of hours of lost productivity and time for a company over the course of a year. The arrival of social media in the workplace has further encouraged the theft of time by employees. Over 60% of those surveyed by Kessler admitted to having checked their Facebook, Twitter or other social media during work hours.

Can Corporate Intelligence theft drive you out of business?

Another surprising finding was that 18% of survey respondents admitted to having stolen corporate intelligence from previous and current employers. This included everything from client lists to proprietary intellectual property and knowledge used in the course of business. Although less prevalent than any other theft in the survey, this finding clearly can be one of the most damaging to employers. According to a 2007 study by the National Data Awareness Project, 70 percent of companies go out of business after a major data loss.

Awareness Technologies InterGuard Suite is a complete internal threat protection solution that includes modules for Data Loss Prevention so you can prevent your corporate intelligence from being stolen; Employee Monitoring and Web Filtering so you can stop Internet abuse and end lost productivity; Laptop Recovery so you can locate company laptops that may have been stolen or lost and delete sensitive data; and MobileMonitor to extend InterGuard’s protection to employer owned smartphones and tablet devices.

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