DATALOCK provides Data Loss Prevention for your organization - regardless of where your employees or your critical information reside. It can scan every file on every PC in your organization to uncover where confidential Data At Rest resides as well as prevent confidential Data In Motion from leaking out (via email / attachments, USB devices, web postings, etc.).  In today's increasingly mobile world, where employees and contractors alike demand instant access to corporate assets and confidential information from remote locations, protecting that information can be extremely difficult. Traditional network-based solutions have porous perimeters. Removable media? Webmail? Instant Messaging? All these escape the control of many of our competitors. Thus, they offer only limited "data loss prevention".

DATALOCK is superior because it can identify and protect sensitive information no matter where it's being accessed. It operates preemptively to keep your organization continuously ahead of today's constantly evolving threat landscape. DATALOCK is installed at the desktop level and reports back over encrypted HTTPS protocols, instead of over the network. This is crucial since it streamlines the process of detecting and blocking any unauthorized attempts to move data outside the organization. Simply put, DATALOCK builds a protective circumference around each computer in your organization, rather than just network traffic. This means DATALOCK is more effective and comprehensive in securing your confidential data than network-based solutions.

Datalock uncovers your risks by scanning all of the PCs in your organization to show you where confidential information resides (Data At Rest).

Datalock prevents confidential Data In Motion from leaking out of your organization via webmail, attachments, web postings or USB devices.

DATALOCK's patented Single Agent architecture allow you to identify, track, and control who accesses your data, what data they access, and what they can and cannot do with that data. Most importantly, all of this is done with an application that can be deployed and configured in a matter of minutes with a minimum of allocated resources. Other DLP solutions? They can take weeks or months to install, require training courses for policy creation and create significant strains (financial and operational) on the organization.

Confidential data is often lost through errors and oversights, rather than malicious intent. For example, the wrong recipient is mistakenly added to a group email containing sensitive company financial data or customer credit card information. DATALOCK not only blocks the email from getting into the wrong hands, it is also configured to “coach and educate” employees to adopt due care and best practices, as set by your company. It lets users and administrators choose the appropriate tradeoff between a high detection rate on one hand and a low level of false positives on the other.

DATALOCK can be deployed and configured in a matter of minutes with a minimum of allocated resources.

DATALOCK's integrated Removable Media Monitoring and Control strikes the ideal balance between protection of a business’s assets and the efficiency of day-to-day operations. DATALOCK blocks the copying of any file to removable media (USB drive, iPod, external hard drive) based on the file's content, and the employee’s job function. So, an employee’s computer or user profile can be set, using DATALOCK, to allow copying of email, attachments and attempts to write to removable media, but not spreadsheets with confidential company financials. This is much more targeted and so more effective than competitive solutions, which frequently employ an “all or nothing” approach when it comes to removable media.

DATALOCK’s patented software architecture runs on computers across the organization, even those computers that never connect to the corporate network. DATALOCK can be installed in minutes, without the need for dedicated hardware, and managed centrally from any web browser. It is flexible and scalable. It can operate as on-demand Software as Service, or behind your company’s firewall. DATALOCK makes real-time security decisions to detect and prevent threats to the confidential data inside your organization.

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  • Scans emails and attempts to write to removable media for policy violations: mishandling or misappropriation of confidential data, Intellectual Property, trade secrets, Non-Public Personal Information
  • all email (including both corporate email accounts and webmail like Gmail and Hotmail)
  • instant messaging
  • all attached files
  • Automatically scans all PCs in your organization to find where confidential information resides. Click here for more on Data at Rest
  • Blocks any communication with confidential data
  • Prevents accidental disclosure and malicious theft of sensitive data
  • Monitor and control the transfer of sensitive information to removable storage devices
  • Easy, intuitive policy-creation
  • Overcomes any attempt to encrypt before sending unauthorized data
  • Protects data in any format, even if copied, pasted or compressed
  • Recognizes file type changes
  • Define and manage data protection policies
  • Generate reports to meet compliance requirements
  • Can be deployed silently over the network in minutes with no user prompts.

DATALOCK Technology

DATALOCK deploys and updates without requiring end-user involvement. Its small client footprint and low memory utilization do not impact end-user function or performance. DATALOCK is installed silently and invisibly using any preferred software deployment tool. After that, DATALOCK runs undetectably, so users won’t notice it operating on their computers, or be able to uninstall or disable it. DATALOCK can be deployed in any size organization or government agency.  All parameters can be customized. DATALOCK is managed from a single management console, simplifying deployment and decreasing administration costs. This console provides detection, blocking, logging, auditing and alerting.

DATALOCK is built on Awareness Technologies’ patented Single Agent technology. Once installed on each client computer, it operates invisibly and undetectably, executing locally all the functions of the software. This computing delivers high performance on each client without impacting the corporate network. The agent communicates using secure internet protocol, allowing all data to be accessed and settings configured using any web browser.

DATALOCK delivers high performance on each client without impacting the corporate network.

DATALOCK can operate either on a dedicated server within your organization, or on a fully-hosted central management and service provisioning platform. Delivered as a “Software-as-a-Service” (SaaS), it features an intuitive, Web-based user interface and uses robust and resilient fully-hosted architecture to support the management and protection of confidential data within your organization. DATALOCK can easily be integrated with existing back-office systems to support existing business processes and provide a host of capabilities specifically tailored to increase the security of your data, all with minimal upfront investment and low administrative and support costs.

DATALOCK generates comprehensive high-level reports on your organization’s computer activity, including on individual employees. This provides management and IT administrators with insight into whether or not employees are complying with security policy, and furthermore identify potential risks to confidential data. The reports provide valuable forensics through DATALOCK’s log data and distributed infrastructure. This data provides security managers with knowledge about the nature of internal threats and potential responses, enhancing their understanding and control over internal challenges to the organization’s data.