Scans emails and attempts to write to removable media for policy violations: mishandling or misappropriation of confidential data, Intellectual Property, trade secrets, Non-Public Personal Information

  • All email (including both corporate email accounts and webmail like Gmail and Hotmail)
  • Instant messaging
  • All attached files

  • Automatically scans all PCs in your organization to find where confidential information resides.
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    Blocks any communication with confidential data

    Prevents accidental disclosure and malicious theft of sensitive data

    Monitor and control the transfer of sensitive information to removable storage devices

    Easy, intuitive policy-creation

    Overcomes any attempt to encrypt before sending unauthorized data

    Protects data in any format, even if copied, pasted or compressed

    Recognizes file type changes

    Define and manage data protection policies

    Generate reports to meet compliance requirements

    Can be deployed silently over the network in minutes with no user prompts.