InterGuard is the best laptop protection software in the industry. It protects organizations from financial and operational impacts of laptop theft by making the contents on a lost or stolen laptop accessible to the laptop owner, but not to the thief. InterGuard allows you to identify, track, and control who accesses data on a stolen laptop, what data is accessed, and what can and cannot be done with that data. InterGuard's single agent can be installed either at the time of laptop purchase or anytime afterward. It deploys and operates invisibly. When a laptop is lost or stolen, the InterGuard agent can be activated instantaneously by the rightful owner using any web browser.

The contents on the missing laptop can now be visualized and managed remotely in real time, on that web browser, without alerting the thief. This allows the owner to retrieve any and all files from the laptop, where they can be stored centrally or downloaded to another computer. Files, or the entire hard drive, can also be deleted. The data is deleted to the U.S. government’s 5220.22-M standard featuring multiple overwrites, random characters, and write verification. Laptop Cop sends back a confirmation that the files were deleted successfully.

InterGuard also provides real-time geo-location based on wi-fi hotspot tracking, which gives a higher degree of accuracy than GPS in most urban and suburban locations.. This evidence assists law enforcement in the recovery of a lost or stolen laptop, and is a far superior recovery method to simply trying to track by a computer’s IP address, which is fraught with problems. Because the IP address’ physical location can only be known by the ISP, it can take weeks or months in some cases to locate an address by this method. By that time, the computer is often in a totally different location.

Recent research shows the majority of lost or stolen laptops contain confidential company communications and information. Recent research has shown that laptop theft is now judged by CTOs to be the highest risk area for the loss of valuable company data. There are many partial solutions, including encryption and mapping data on laptops. None can restore lost data to its rightful owner. InterGuard can.