Monitor Cell Phone Messages & Know What’s Leaving Your Organization with Mobile Monitor

Logging into your secure online account is all it takes to see a full record of messages sent & received from your employees’ smartphone.

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Mobile Monitor has an easy-to-use interface that can be viewed along with any other InterGuard module
Phone Call Tracking
Track all phone calls sent & received. See if calls were made, received, missed, or a conference along with duration and participant phone number details.
Email & Text Messages
MobileMonitor shows you the date, time, subject, sender and receiver of every email and text message sent from your organization
This feature pin-points where your tracked mobile phone currently is, and where it has been, using the on-board GPS tracking as other location-based services.
Capture and save all pictures taken and saved to the mobile phone or SD card. Plus, see additional details, like when the photo was taken, and its current filename for easy reference and locating on the device.
MobileMonitor highlights alert words in the body of all recorded e-mails and text messages

Get Notified When You Need To Using Alert Words

Set custom alerts for any word that is important to you. Mobile Monitor will then scan all messages and highlight them directly for easy reviewing. Alert Words are set in an online account, eliminating the need to access the monitored phone once Mobile Monitor has been installed.

Easy Download, Install, & Review

Download & Install
Mobile Monitor begins running in 2 simple steps:

Visit a secure InterGuard site from the target Smartphone
Select the license in your account to download and install

Mobile Monitor will immediately begin monitoring and recording messaging activity on the device, transmitting activity directly to your online account.

The data is transmitted immediately for review. Just log into your secure online account from any device to see a full record of messages - sent or received - from the mobile device. Activity reports and alert words can be accessed and managed from this single central location.

*AT&T Customers Check Compatibility