Blocking inappropriate web surfing is critical not only to ensuring the security of your organization, but also to ensuring that your employees are productive, but web surfing is only a part of how employees spend their time. InterGuard Webfiltering is designed to extend your visibility beyond a simple list of URLs and give you a true understanding of whether or not your employees are acting in a safe and productive manner.

While other webfiltering applications are simply designed to enforce acceptable use policies, InterGuard Webfiltering helps define the policies that it enforces by giving you total transparency into how your employees spend their time. With InterGuard, you’ll see everything from everywhere. No exceptions.

Traditional solutions require you to set up and support the infrastructure necessary to run a network-based solution. InterGuard on the other hand does not require any hardware, sets up in minutes and allows you to provide your organization with a superior solution at a fraction of the total cost of ownership of a network-based solution - and without the IT headaches.