SONAR records and controls all employee computer activity, increasing staff productivity, decreasing exposure to litigation and meeting compliance requirements related to privacy laws and regulations. SONAR delivers the most comprehensive security in the industry, without adversely impacting existing network infrastructure.

Its patented software architecture runs on computers across the organization, even those computers that never connect to the corporate network. SONAR can be installed in minutes, without the need for dedicated hardware, and managed centrally from any web browser. It is flexible and scalable. It can operate as on-demand Software as Service, or behind your company’s firewall.

SONAR operates preemptively to keep your organization continuously ahead of today's constantly evolving threat landscape. SONAR's productivity tools ensure that employees stay focused on what they should be doing.  SONAR makes real-time security decisions to detect and prevent threats.

SONAR records and controls all employee computer activity, increasing staff productivity, decreasing exposure to litigation and meeting compliance requirements.

SONAR gives you total control over employee Internet usage. A world class web filtering solution blocks any category of website desired (pornography, social networks, job-hunting) or limits surfing to only a small list of "white listed" websites which are critical for them to conduct their daily business. Overall, this gives you the power to increase employee productivity by eliminating frivolous web surfing, and where appropriate, enforce your Acceptable Use Policies. SONAR’s web blocking gives you control no matter where internet is accessed - in the office next door, or on a laptop halfway around the world.

SONAR's software application monitoring and blocking suite allows schedules to be set that control which software applications can be used and when. Time wasters such as Windows Media Player or iTunes can be blocked during work hours and allowed during off hours as desired. Dangerous applications, including FTP uploading or peer-to-peer programs like BitTorrent, can be permanently blocked.

SONAR allows you to eliminate inappropriate web surfing and access to time-wasting software programs.

SONAR ensures that employees remain productive and identifies and blocks dangerous activities. By keeping a record of all computer activity, SONAR is the most powerful forensic software solution for conducting investigations on employees suspected of inappropriate or illegal behavior (digital forensics). SONAR is used by both enterprises and law enforcement to gather information that other expensive forensics tools miss, such as IM conversations and keystroke data. SONAR can reconstruct everything that was done and create a forensic record unrivalled in its completeness.

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SONAR Features
Complete 360-degree monitoring and recording
  • All email (including both corporate email accounts and webmail like Gmail and Hotmail)
  • Instant messaging
  • All keystrokes typed
  • Documents created, accessed, changed or edited
  • Software applications
  • All websites visited
  • Database queries
  • Customer data
  • Generate reports to meet compliance requirements
  • Can be deployed silently over the network in minutes with no user prompts.

Block sites and applications that lower productivity
  • Complete web filtering – by category, by content
  • Application blocking
  • Alert words
  • Instant Messaging
  • Whitelisting
  • Productivity protected
  • Corporate network not exposed to spam and spyware by controlling unauthorized web use

Screenshots of any activity carried out on computers
  • Video-like playback
  • Triggered by alert words, programs or websites
  • Captures incontrovertible evidence

All keystrokes
  • Complete record
  • Includes all deletions made in email, document or spreadsheet
  • Easy-to-read format

SONAR Technology

SONAR deploys and updates without requiring end user involvement. Its small client footprint and low memory utilization do not impact end-user function or performance. SONAR is installed silently and invisibly using any preferred software deployment tool. After that, SONAR runs undetectably, so users won’t notice it operating on their computers, or be able to uninstall. SONAR can be deployed in any size organization or government agency.  All parameters can be customized. SONAR is managed from a single management console, simplifying deployment and decreasing administration costs. This console provides detection, blocking, logging, auditing and alerting.

SONAR is built on Awareness Technologies’ patented Single Agent technology. Once installed on each client computer, it operates invisibly and undetectably, executing locally all the functions of the software. This distributed computing delivers high performance on each client without impacting the corporate network, as well as allowing full control of all pc activity – even on laptops that never connect to a network. The agent communicates using secure internet protocol, allowing all data to be accessed and settings configured using any web browser.

SONAR can operate either on a dedicated server within your organization, or on a fully-hosted central management and service provisioning platform. Delivered as a “Software-as-a-Service” (SaaS), it features an intuitive, Web-based user interface and uses robust and resilient fully-hosted architecture to support the management and control of an organization’s computer resources. SONAR can easily be integrated with existing back-office systems to support existing business processes and provides a host of capabilities specifically tailored to increase your revenue, all with minimal upfront investment and low administrative and support costs.

SONAR generates comprehensive high-level reports on organization’s computer activity, including on individual employees. This provides management and IT administrators with insight into productivity, whether or not employees are complying with security policy, and identify potential risks around regulatory non-compliance. The reports provide valuable forensics through SONAR’s log data and distributed infrastructure. This data provides security managers with knowledge about the nature of internal threats and potential responses, enhancing their understanding and control over internal challenges to the organization’s computing activity.